Casino software providers

Casino software providers are the companies that make and provide the games that can be used at online casinos. Many players do not realize this but which software is being used by a casino can actually have a severe effect on the enjoyment that a player can have. Software providers dictate how the site looks, how it runs and what games they offer. In addition, the software used can mean the difference between a slow running jerky site and one that offers smooth, high quality game play.

What you should look for

A good provider will offer a wide range of attractive games all with innovative features and interesting game play. The games will also have good payout odds thus becoming interesting and appealing enough that players will actually wish to play them. They also offer high quality graphics alongside good animation and appropriate sound tracks all while using the best technology available.

Available on all devices

In recent years, it is also important that the provider offers players the chance to use their software through a mobile device as well as on a desktop and the software needs to be compatible with all types of operating systems as well.

Why pay attention to casino software?

Players should be aware of which software providers are being used by the online casino at which they are playing. Different software providers have varying strengths and weaknesses and they are all definitely not equal in what they provide. For example, some providers focus on live games whilst others focus on slots. This can be very important to a player if they have a game preference.

Many online casinos will actually only use one or possibly two providers which means that if there is a specific slot or live game that is available from a certain provider, it is up to the player to check if that is who the casino is working with. Failure to check this information out can result in a player signing up to a casino and then becoming disappointed when they learn that the game they wish to play is not available.

Exclusive casino games

Some providers will also make games exclusive to a specific casino. These will contain unique features that only players signed up to that casino will be able to access. Often there will be a number of casinos that are all running the same providers software so they will offer similar games across their platforms. In some instances, the casino will own and run their proprietary software in alignment with a more well-known provider thus offering even further games that can be found nowhere else on line.

Keep in mind

There are a number of very well-known casino game providers and it would behove the player to know who these providers are in advance of choosing a casino. These providers already have a stellar reputation the gaming world and are known for their excellent and innovative games, their trustworthiness and their smooth operating systems.

These areas are all very important for the player to bear in mind when choosing a casino as the provider can make their experience that much better. For example, there is not much fun to be had in playing a boring uninspiring game from an unknown company.

Fair game

It is also important that players know that the games are all operating fairly. All of the high-profile providers undergo regular third-party audits to this effect. They display these certificates of gaming fairness on their sites thus proving to the world that when a player plays any of their games, they will be able to enjoy a fair gaming environment.

In addition, the smooth operation of these games is very important as lesser known providers can sometimes offer games full of bugs and glitches that crash at inappropriate times often losing the player any winnings and recent bets that they have made.

When playing a game from a well-known provider, these instances are vastly reduced and the software provider usually has a contingency plan in place just in case this does happen. Any casino using these top-level providers will also automatically have a more authentic and secure aura to them.

NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Play ‘n Go and Evolution Gaming

There are a number of top providers that players should be familiar with and these include NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Play ‘n Go and Evolution Gaming just to mention a few. Each of these has an excellent collection of games across a number of genres, with the exception of Evolution Gaming who has made their name through their live game collection exclusively.

These providers all take great pains to ensure that their offerings are always top quality and cater to the wants and desires of the players. All these providers cater to both the casino and the player by providing regular payouts in enticing and exciting games though still offering casinos decent house edges.

At the end of the day, it is always important for players to check the software used by a casino and they should avoid getting side-tracked by bonuses, promotions and security, though all of these are also important to the overall enjoyment of the player.