History of Betsoft

The company of Betsoft was founded in 1999. The company is based in Cyprus, due to this being a rather popular offshore and home to a number of gambling companies.

The added bonus of being located there is that it is also part of the European Union and therefore can easily tap into that market. That being said, the company is not afraid to branch out and actually licenses casinos all around the world to use its products, thus creating an international market for itself.

In accordance to gambling laws in many parts of the world, Betsoft is very strict in its adherence to any licensing laws and regulations making sure that all tis games meet the Technical Systems Testing or TST standards ensuring that all games are played in a fair manner. This has enabled them to climb higher in the ranks of the software providers as they have a clear policy towards none biased games.

What games does Betsoft offer?

Betsoft offers its customers a decent range of games. Slots are the most popular game online and as such Betsoft does play a strong emphasis on this gaming area with the largest number of their games coming from this genre. That being said they also offer a lot of games in the soft game area that include slots and bingo.

Betsoft’s Slot3 and Poker3

They also offer a number of table games including the standard blackjack, roulette and baccarat options. Interestingly, they also offer virtual racing games as well which adds a little uniqueness to their overall game collection. They are particularly known though for their 3D and mobile slot games as part of the Slot3 series. and have commandeered this niche very well. In fact, they are the number one provider in this area.

All their games are known to have original themes, great 3D animations and these two factors combine to make the company’s strongest selling point. A more recent foray for Betsoft has seen them venture into the world of online poker where their new software Poker3 is the first poker game to use 3D graphics. It contains a fast-paced game play and exciting avatars all in an effort to provide players with a rather different casino experience.

Most popular slots from Betsoft

The Slots3 series in their 3D area and the ToGo mobile series both offer players an exceptional experience when it comes to slots. There are hundreds of options to choose from in their library all of which offer various bonuses and gameplay options.

2 Million BC

However, there are a few that stand out with 2 Million BC being one of them. This 3D slot is set in the prehistoric era complete with cavemen and mammoths. The slot has five reels and thirty paylines all set on beautifully designed reel. The reels look like large boulders, with a caveman hanging around outside. The symbols all follow the theme and are a mammoth drawing, red gem, vase, necklace made from rocks, a club, stone week, monument, a sabre-toothed tiger and a small cave girl.

Bonus features

The bonus features are where everything really kicks off as there is an excellent free spins bonus that triggers on a regular basis. Sabre Attacks is an innovative game where an acorn will appear on the fifth reel. An animated bird will fly by and grab onto it and the player needs to collect just three of these in this way. After doing so, the player will be taken to a cute game that involves throwing the acorns at the tiger until it becomes stunned.

Diamond Bonus

Diamond Bonus is the final mini game and landing at least three diamond icons will activate it. The cave girl will run out shouting that the tiger has stolen her diamond and the player is then tasked to attack the tiger and steal the gem back. Choosing the right option will award the larger prize.

After Night Falls

A second noteworthy game is the After Night Falls slot. This is more along the lines of a detective slot and definitely tips its hat towards the Pink Panther movie series. Like all the other games, After Night Falls offers amazing graphics and an excellent bonus round option. Once again there is a story alongside the game where a detective chases an elusive criminal. The symbols are all once again stunningly drawn and feature jewellery, a TV, security camera, cat and the detective amongst others.

Bonus features

The bonus features are all excellent, involving moving wilds, stacked collapsing wins, a five room click me option, free spins and a granny bonus round where the granny has been robbed and the player or detective must pick up clues in the crime scene to win prizes.

Betsoft and free spins

For the most part, Betsoft casinos run in conjunction with other providers. They offer a wide range of bonus options to new players joining the casino a number of which are the free spins. These will vary as Betsoft itself has not set up any consistent bonus structure that all the casinos must adhere to. Depending on the casino will really depend on what bonus the player will be able to receive.

One thing that plays in their favour in this aspect is the fact that they are an instant play casino. All games are flash based and allow players instant access without the need to download. Additionally, players can know that if they are playing at one of the Betsoft casinos, they will have access to fair games.

3D slots

Betsoft may produce a number of different games but it is in their 3D slots that they have become famous. Their slots are all innovative and interesting, featuring a range of extra bonuses all of which marry with the game extremely well. Their software as a whole is highly compatible with that of other providers, allowing the casinos to use multiple software options alongside Betsoft.