History of Quickspin

Quickspin is a Swedish game provider that was launched in 2011. Though it is one of the newest of the software providers, Quickspin has swiftly made a decent mark on the industry.

There are three founders of the company, two of whom spent much of their early career working for Net Entertainment and as such have a good grounding in what the gaming industry requires. The third member in the team spent a lot of time working in the Executive Management department at Unibet, so between them the founders personal experience has stood them in good stead and created the impressive and highly successful company we see today.

In recent years, the popularity of Quickspin has increased dramatically with the company receiving a number of prestigious awards, including a rising star of the year award for their quick progression through to high quality standards. Playtech saw the potential of this company and in 2016 bought them to work under their umbrella.

Quickspin’s Achievements Engine

In 2017 Quickspin launched its Achievements Engine which enables players to track their progress and collect and claim rewards based on this. It is a simple tool, but does provide players some unexpected wins when faced with a series of losses within a game. this has been done in an attempt to improve their real-time interaction with players and creating further engagement into noting what the players need and want in their games.

What games does Quickspin offer?

Quickspin offers a wide range of different games in the same way that most of the slot providers do. However, as with many other companies, their forte lies in their video slots. In fact, some of their slots are so good that they have been labelled as the best slots ever produced. This has added a serious level of quality to their name and with their constant cutting-edge games have managed to create some superior games keeping all their followers extremely happy. Every game is treated with the utmost care to create an eye-catching design along with a unique story and game play.


Players can use the games easily and in recent times, Quickspin has even moved on to the Facebook platform producing an app called Mirrorball slots that allows players to access this game on the go.

Most popular slots from Quickspin

Quickspin’s high quality slots leave very little to be desired. With so much quality to choose from it is somewhat hard to pick the very best.


However, there are a number of standouts that simply go above and beyond. One of these is Supernova. This stylish looking slot comes set on a dramatic ethereal background of space.

There are two separate reel sets with the main three reels on the left side creating the winning combinations and the extra two reels on the right containing a multipliers and black holes. There are just six symbols on the reels and these are all animated in a stunning way as befits this software provider.

There is no bonus game, but there is a lot of excitement already to be had simply in how the two reels play off from one another. The low number of symbols does mean that wins will come relatively often and landing on a multiplier can offer the player a multiplication of two to ten times their initial wager.

Big bad wolf

Big Bad Wolf is based on the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs. The design and graphics of this slot are truly a delight with the design reminiscent of a child’s book though in a 3D form.

This slot uses one of the more favoured reel options in the form of cascading reels. This means that when players make a winning combination, those symbols will simply disappear to be replaced by others dropping down which can create further winning combos. This means that the chances of creating multiple wins are increased without the player needing to spend money spinning the reels again.

Bonus features

In addition to this, there are a number of extra bonus features, such as Pigs Turn Wild which changes a varying number of pig symbols into wilds, who in turn can build up a large number of wins. There are also some free spins that come alongside some fun animations and offer spins and a multiplier during this time.

Quickspin and free spins

Quickspin software is prevalent on a number of different casinos around the world. Each casino offers their own bonus and free spins options independently of what the software provider does. With this in mind players should check through the different Quickspin casinos to see which one offers the best options. Usually these spins range from about 20 through to 150 free spins. The slot game that the free spins are offered on also varies between casinos, though the common one is Big Bad Wolf.

Quality slots

At the end of the day, the team at Quickspin simply wish to create the best slots possible. With this in mind they work on the basis of quality not quantity and as such do not have as many games to their name as other providers do. They focus closely on each game as it is obvious that the players will not play all the games that are offered if there are hundreds of them. With this in mind, each game they create and release has the potential to become a favourite and remain in the spotlight for a long time.

The company’s main hope is that players will no longer have to look anywhere else but Quickspin when looking for something to fulfil their gaming needs. They offer casinos a flexible platform that can join in to any pre-existing brand making them extremely compatible alongside any other software a casino may already have in place. This again caters well to the players, as they can have access to the more exclusive Quickspin games at the same time as being able to search through games from other providers.