Live casino slots

With recent advances in technology online casinos have started to create a new form of casino in the shape of the live casino. These live casinos combine the best of the online and land-based casino world into one intense casino experience. Accessed online, the live casino features a real dealer and real tables all broadcast to the online player in real time.

Casino studios

The software provider sets a up a studio to look like a live casino and within it they have live dealers who will shuffle the cards, deal, ball drop, wheel spin and more in the exact same way the dealers operate in a live casino. In fact, to all intents and purposes, these dealers are playing for real.

The studio is then covered in a number of high quality cameras and the video feed is streamed live directly to the online casino and the player sitting at home. Players can access these feeds when they join a live game and become part of the real action that unfolds. At this time, there are not so many games on offer with the majority of live casinos offering variants of blackjack, baccarat and roulette as the standard.

How to play

To play these games, players need to create an account with the online casino and then deposit some money into their account. Due to the very nature of these games, it is impossible to play them as demo versions; rather the player must jump right in to the action.

Live chat

Once joined the player will see the live feed and be able to communicate with the dealer directly. This is done through a live chat function which is displayed in the bottom half of the screen and contains the virtual element to the live casino. Here to, players will find their virtual chips, betting options and in-game choices. Through pressing the specific buttons the player can make their decisions as they would normally throughout the game and these decisions will be communicated directly to the dealer who will then perform the necessary actions.

These live games are still being developed, making them more realistic and involved, helping to create the true casino atmosphere. The bonus for many people is that they are able to access a much more authentic casino experience all from the comfort of their own home. For many it is nigh impossible to get to a land based casino in order to experience this type of gaming.

Can you find slots at a live casino?

For the most part, there are no slots at live casinos. This is because slots themselves have always been performed by a machine and have had no need for there to be a person present. The very way that live casinos work is by having a real person to organize the game, something that is not an occurrence when it comes to slot games. In the same vein, there are no free spins offered as a bonus when it comes to live casinos simply because there are no games for them to be played on. Free spins always come in conjunction with a slot game, though players may be confused into thinking that they could be awarded on roulette instead. However, recently, there has been a move towards creating live slot games and Evolution Gaming has finally released one such game in the form of Mermaid’s Fortune.

Evolution Gaming’s Mermaid’s Fortune

Mermaid’s Fortune is the world’s first live slot game. Like most video slots it is a five-reel slot with twenty paylines. As the name would suggest, the reels are set to an ocean background complete with a mermaid and numerous fish and other sea creatures. The reels themselves are transparent and contain symbols that all follow this aquatic theme. Lower value symbols are the simple playing card values of ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Higher value icons feature a mermaid, turtle, octopus, seal, seahorse, Triton and a crab. As with other slot games, the aim is to simply line up winning combinations of these symbols in order to receive a payout.

Game play

The general game play is the same as a regular slot. Players decide what the bet amount per spin they would like to place and set that on the reels. Pressing spin will spin the reels and when they come to a stop the player hopes for a win. Every time a mermaid lands on the reels, there is a single pearl added to a collection at the corner of the screen.

Bonus features

Fifty of these pearls must be collected by the player if they want to access the bonus wheel feature, which is where the live dealer aspect comes in to play. In this fashion, players can see their progress towards the bonus feature rather than having to rely on it springing up at random. This bonus feature will occur every eight minutes on the game and there is a handy countdown feature at the base of the screen keeping players abreast of the time they have left in which to collect the required number of pearls.

Triton bonus

The second bonus that is available comes in the form of Triton, the sea-god. He is the wild and will appear stacked when landing on the very first reel. This helps to increase the player’s winning chances immensely. This will happen in the base game without the bonus even appearing and can offer some lucrative wins.

Golden mermaid

There is also a golden mermaid icon that will on occasion appear on the central reel. If this symbol is landed, then fifty pearls are instantly added to the player’s account allowing the player to qualify for the next bonus round immediately. Any leftover pearls are not wasted but simply carried over to be used in the next bonus round.

When the bonus game is triggered, players will be taken to a beach setting with the sea in the background. There is a large bonus wheel displayed on the right side of the screen with a pretty mermaid sitting next to it on the left. These mermaids or live dealers will interact and converse with the player whilst they spin the wheel. The wheel contains a wide variety of cash bonuses, which will be awarded to the player.

Return to player

The game itself has an excellent RTP of 96.6%, which affords players consistent wins even if they don’t hit the high prizes every time. This live slot’s popularity ensures that this type of game is going to be seen more often in the future.