Video slots

Video slots are really similar to traditional or classic slots, the main difference is in the number of reels and paylines they offer.

Classic slots usually just have three reels and emulate the original physical slot machines whilst a video slot tends to use more reels – often five or more. These video slots also use more advanced technology giving them superior quality graphics, sounds and game play. They also incorporate a number of innovative bonus features that will vary between slot games and offer players imaginative settings and themes in which to play.

Classic fruit icons vs game play with a theme

Usually a classic slot is devoid of any kind of theme and will simply use the classic fruit machine icons in their play. Video slots on the other hand will sometimes even recreate a story through the game play.


The paylines in video slots are also not straight forward horizontal lines as they are in classic slots but can be diagonals, zigzags, reversed and many more often offering players in excess of one thousand different ways to win. This dramatically increases the chances a player has of making a winning combination.

Extra features

The final feature of the video slot is the extra features. Classic slots tend to have just a simple game play of matching up three symbols, whereas the video slots offers multiple ways to win, numerous bonus features and extra mini games within the slot.

How to play

Each video slot will have different rules when it comes to the bonuses, but for the most part the slot set up is the same. Players simply need to open an account with the casino and then select the game they wish to play.

Try a demo version

Most slots can be found and played in demo versions if the player simply wishes to see whether they like the style of the game and feel it will offer decent payouts. Alternatively, depositing some money into their account will allow the player to play the game with real money.

When opening a video slot game, players can read through a comprehensive paytable which will explain the values of each and every symbol as well as give information on the various bonus icons and their individual functions.

Time to bet!

Once the player is familiar with the rules of the game, it is time to place a bet. This can be done by using the arrow buttons placed at the base of the reels. Each game will have a different bet minimum and maximum, but it is up to the player what bet value they would like to set per spin. This can be changed for each spin if so desired.

Use auto spin

Players can also set the game to auto spin for a specified number of spins as well. Occasionally, the game will throw out bonus features, which may require the player to perform some different actions. These bonuses will vary from game to game.

Bonus features


Video slots usually come laden with extra features that add to the excitement of the game. One bonus feature commonly found are the free spins. This is always activated by a special symbol called the scatter. Usually players must land at least three of these on the reels in order for it to qualify and start the free spins.

The number of free spins awarded will depend on each slot game. These spins will run automatically through until the spins have been used up. In some instances, the spins can be retriggered. Any winning combinations during this time are usually subjected to a multiplier as well making this section of the game a very lucrative one on all levels.


Multipliers can be won throughout many video slot games. This can happen in the aforementioned free spins, or it can be in conjunction with another bonus or an outcome of landing a certain number of a specific symbol on the reels. In some cases, these multipliers are granted through a bonus wheel which offers different rewards when triggered. Multipliers can be anywhere from as low as a double or as high as thirty to forty times, making them a very lucrative option.


Other bonus symbols that are contained in video slots include the wild. This is a symbol that will take the place of any other symbol on the reels with the exception of the scatter. There are a large number of different options when it comes to the wild. The usual way it works is when it takes the place of the most displayed symbols on that reel thus helping to create more winning combinations.

Sticky wilds

Some games offer sticky wilds where the wild once landed on the reel, will stay there for the next spin again increasing the winning chance for the player. Sometimes wilds will act as a multiplier as well, adding to the winnings in a combination.

Stacked and expanding wilds

Stacked wilds and expanding wilds are other commonly used forms. Stacked wilds will move around the reels in groups of three so that when the reels stop, players may have one to three of them on the reels. Expanding wilds are similar except that it is just a single wild that will grow and fill the entire reel making that reel essentially a single winning combination.

Popular video slots

There are a large number of popular video slots, though each player will have their own preference. Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt is one such popular slot.

This is a stunningly designed slot set in the Peruvian jungle amid ancient ruins. The slot is based on a famous conquistador on his search for unimaginable treasures. The reels offer a slightly different setup to the norm, with blocks that fall rather than spin.

When a winning combination is made, the combination will crumble away allowing more blocks to fall in and don’t require the player to spin again. When each of these block falls, a multiplier is added starting at two times and then ending up at five times. This means some serious big wins are possible without the player even having to open the bonus round or use the other special features.

There are so many excellent video slots available encompassing many different themes, ranging from films such as Jurassic Park, music in the form of Guns N roses and simpler forms in the likes of Starburst. Whatever the player’s preference, there is bound to be something that suits.